Pallet Warehousing

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We handle tens of thousands of pallets every year.

With over 100,000 square feet, we have ample space to receive, store, organise and distribute your palletised goods. We can deliver this service for most palletised goods including food and fast moving consumer goods. We are a HMRC Customs and Bonded Warehouse allowing us to also handle palletised alcohol and imports whilst deferring duty costs. 


Our well structured and efficient processes ensure that every delivery is handled with the same high level of care and attention. Our warehouse management system tracks every item and offers real-time updates with full traceability. 

Not only can we handle your pallet needs. being a large third-party logistics provider we also have the capacity to help with any additional needs such as order fulfilment, contract packing and transportation.

Located 1 mile from the Dartford Crossing, we are ideally situated to help businesses store and distribute their palletised goods across the entire UK and to major ports. 

We provide the following:

  • Flexible short and long-term storage of euro and standard pallets

  • Full third-party logistics, including order fulfilment, contract packing and transportation

  • State of the art stock management systems

  • Only pay for what you use


Companies in all sectors trust us to deliver


Together we can create a
logistics solution that
works for you.