External Temporary
Storage Facility (ETSF)


What is an ETSF?

An ETSF (previously known as an ERTS) is a licensed temporary storage facility which is situated in an inland and has been approved by Border Force. Customs controlled goods can be moved into storage there prior to being placed under a customs procedure or re-exported. 

With customs checks in the UK significantly increasing, the time taken to release goods by UK Customs is also increasing significantly. By moving goods to an inland ETSF customs checks and declarations can be made whilst the goods are already in storage, mitigating any unnecessary delays at the port.    

The benefits of using an ETSF

  • Any duty and taxes to be paid on the imported goods will be deferred until the they are assigned to a customs-approved treatment

  • A cheaper alternative to port rent charges

  • Using an ETSF allows time to obtain required import licences or other documentation before completing a full customs declaration

  • Mitigates any unnecessary delays whilst customs checks and declarations are being made


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