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What is Cross Docking?

Cross Docking is a highly efficient transportation method with multiple benefits for businesses. As a way of cutting out storage times, handling and movement processes and therefore cost, Cross Docking is invaluable for many businesses. 

Cross Docking entails goods being moved from an in-bound shipment to an out-bound one with little to no warehousing and minimal handling involved. The efficient nature of this process means businesses save time and money in the shipment of their goods,   

The are multiple benefits:

  • Reducing, or in most cases fully removing, warehousing time reduces cost in warehousing fees

  • Allows a quicker delivery time for you customers

  • Beneficial where goods may be time-sensitive, such as expiry dates etc

  • The removal of goods being moved into, around and out of a warehouse reduces the risk of damage to products

  • If you require goods to be imported from multiple suppliers these can be amalgamated into one outbound shipment

  • If you have a mixed load whereby some pallets need to be offloaded whilst time sensitive ones further back need to be delivered, we can accommodate cross docking some and warehousing others

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